Pineda del Mar secondary school

C/ Boticelli


Client: GISA

Surface: 3.309,99m²

The project disposes in the site two buildings perpendicular between them, one is paralell to the street, the other follows the site. At the back is situated the gym with the locker rooms. Between the two buildings is located the acces and the porch of the patio. This part of the project, with the accesses to the diferents parts of the program it’s designed allowing an easy relation with the street. In this part is located the most public part of the school, like the cafeteria, the library, AMPA, etc. The diferent classes are located in the ground floor next to the public parts and in all the first floor.In the way to reach a quick execution and the maximum efficacy in the resources, it’s aplicated a pre-fab construction. The structure and the facades are conformed in pre-fabricated elements.