DFT arquitectes  is the conjunction of Fabré & Torras (since 1979) and Dilmé & Fabré (since 1988). In this renoved company in 2012 the four senior partners -Lluís Dilmé, Xavier Fabré, Mercè Torras i Jordi Fabré- have acumulate a solid experience in performing architecture -concert halls, theaters and operas-, and rehabilitation and restoration of architectural heritage and, also, a prominent profesional activity based in the Institutional architecture: universities, judicial, penitentiaries and transport infraestrcuture.

Our team provides a comprehensive service that includes a vast range of works as basic and executives projects, preliminary studies and designs or project management. We provide our clients with advise, whether they are from the public or private sector, and we listen to their demands to incorporate them into our creative process to achieve excelling outcomes.

We like working with the space where people’s lifes take place, that is to say, Architecture is the engine of our intellectual and professional activity. That is why we are devoted to it and we investigate and seek a continuous progress and innovation.

We love architecture!


Lluís Dilmé Romagós,  architect ETSAB-UPC.  Founding partner of Dilmé&Fabré 1988

Xavier Fabré Carreras,  architect ETSAB-UPC.  Founding partner of Dilmé&Fabré 1988

Jordi Fabré Carreras,  architect ETSAB-UPC.  Founding partner of Fabré &Torras 1979

Mercè Torras Colell,  architect ETSAB-UPC.  Founding partner of Fabré &Torras 1979


Ramón Fitó Bertran, architect, Project Director

Francesc Arjona Moreno, architect,  Principal Project Director

Carmen Ros Cebrián, architect

Marta Chavarria Miró, architect

Pau Castilló Maneu, architect

Montse Garcia Pitarch, administration

Andreu Aguiló

Toni Barceló

Joana Barceló

Valentina Bezzo

Bernat Bou Oliver

Pere Brualla Ríos

Marc Busquets

Amaya Caballero

Marcos Eusta Capilla

Anna Cases

Lluc Coma

Rosa Cullell

Jordi Darder

Neus Duplà

Martina Fabré Nadal

Marc Ferré

Guido Friszon

Ingrid García

Ivan Gascón

Carlos Gascón

Carles Girau Armengou

Ángel Heredia

Marta Hidalgo

Zaira Holgado Pérez

David Iglesias Serret

Graciela Jaldín Ramírez

Joan León García

Joan León

Quim Mulà

Mercè Nadal

Berta Navascués

Emma Otzet Gramunt

Núria Pairoló

Eduard Palao

Frank Pallarés

Elisa Pelegrí González

Karen Pequin

Mercè Pijem Peñalba

Víctor Prats Valls

Carmen Ros

Pilar Sanchez

Lupe Serraïma Milián

Albert Solé Bastida

Carolina Tesan

Marc Torra

Carla Torres Soler

Izabela Tunay

Mònica Vergé

Pol Viladoms Claverol

Rafael Vilamajor


BBG Estructures, Recerca i Rehabilitacio

Ángel Obiol Consultor S.L



Arau Acústica

i2a Pere Cerdà


Develop Index Ambiental S.L


Andrés Flasjzer