Architecture, that is to say, the conception and the formalization of the space, it is an artistic activity whose professional practice lies in the needs of the human activity. The study, the analysis and the solutions of these needs must come from the observations of an economic fact and a specific technology. Our philosophy is, therefore, solving these needs with respect. The love we have for knowledge is expressed by something else that we can only approach by approximations, by allusions, by something that matures and appears as time goes by.


This subjective vagueness, which is implicit in our work, is what brings us to be precise with all that we can express in an objective way. We then believe that the rigorous and permanent observations onto the essence of our profession and onto the context, where this essence is developed, it is our task in order to acquire a permanent improvement.


From the very heart of the city, in Barcelona, we claim for a professional practice that reaches any place in the world with the same self-demanding level and enthusiasm. This will is what provides the backbone of our company policy and it is described by the following statements:


1.- Our professional activity is accomplished in commitment with the updated legislative framework.

2.- We look for a continous improvement in quality and ecological design and we comply with the formal requirements.

3.- Our attitude towards the project and its structural fulfilment is aimed to the reduction of the ecological impact and to the enviroment preservation. We avoid pollution and degradation.

4.- We improve our work by the design, but also by the concern about the enviromental facts and the raw materials and products we use. We avoid transfering impacts in construction.

5.- We want these social and professional beliefs to be clear in our activity as well as we claim for them at every time we have the opportunity to do it.

6.- We aim our work at the fulfilment of the client’s needs. After have listened to their requests and taking them into account, we make sure that the original needs have been accomplished at the end of the whole process.

7.- This will to fulfil the requests of the client it goes along with our wish to enhace some other aspects that perhaps were not completely obvious at the programme.

8.- Beyond the accomplishment of some specific goals, architectural works must have a meaning by themselves. We do not forget that architecture is an art and it should produce an artsitic plusvalue. It is precisely this plusvalue what remains in buildings within the grasp of anyone who is interested in them.

9.- We are conscious of the complexity of reallity and its changeable nature, thats is why our work system is permanently under revision with the purpose of enhancing the Integrated Management System introduced.

10.- The referential framework that has been refered up to this point, which is made of profound beliefs, principles and good practices, it is what inspires our company in a renewed and progressive way.



The decalogue we have exposed here it symbolizes a little part of our work, it is just the objective and communicable part of it. This decalogue demonstrates our professional nature which has to do with our understanding of life, society and the intellectual activity. More than twenty five years of experience allows us to express these principles, the same wishes that have compelled us since we were students at the Architecture School of Barcelona. This decalogue is, in short, the way we see the world and our place in it.


Lluís Dilmé i Xavier Fabré arquitectes