Penitentiary center Lledoners

Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
Project and construction management
Client: GISA
Area: 59.974m²

The center is located in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (El Bages) and it has capacity for 512 cells that are distributed in 8 modules of 64 cells. The complex within the security area comprises, besides the already described residential zone, several different buildings situated around a main avenue, which were created for the recluses’ daily activities. We can also find in this zone buildings aimed to communications, registrations and commandment, a cultural and educational center, sport facilities, an open-air area, a special department for closed rehabilitation plan cases, a warehouse used to hold workshops, kitchen, laundry services, stores and, finally, medical facilities.
Outside the security area (a space with 15 m. of width surrounded by 6 m.-tall concrete walls), there are the buildings reserved to the access control, visitors’ arrivals and waiting zone, management and administration and the facilities for Government employees and the police force.