Penitentiary centre Puig de les Basses

Figueres, Alt Empordà
Project and construction management
Client: GISA
Surface: 61.642m²

This prison located in the city of Figueres (Alt Empordà) has been designed with the aim of organizing all the activities taking place in it along a central road that crosses transversely the field. This road , which is wide and rich in vegetation acts as the backbone of the prison. On one side of it, is the residential building for the basic activities of prisoners : sleeping, eating and entertainment areas. This building has been divided into 7 units , 32 cells each , has a ” u” . There are 2 units , 32 cells each , one for women and one for youth. In total , 512 cells. On the other hand, have placed several separate buildings : the workshop, hospital , cultural center and sports center. The prison is surrounded by a safety zone behind which are placed other buildings for visitor access . Besides functional designs, which are essential in this type of project , it has also taken into account the natural landscape integration, especially in terms of colors and the lights of downtown.