Theatre Auditorium in Vic

Tender, finalist project
Client: Vic city council
Area: 6.816m²

The structure of the cultural complex Atlàntida, that is located on the boundary of the urban fabric in Vic, it allows a volumetric game that integrates all of its dependencies in harmony. The auditorium, which is the main part of the complex and has with a fully equipped stage for performing arts, it connects with the second room, with the halls and the new extended area of the music school, composing all together a single building. The new cultural complex forms a volume space adapted to each function and at the same time that it organizes and improves the public space through a clever game of indoor/outdoor. Because of its location and its appearance, which is decidedly civic, the cultural complex has a leading role, not only within the urban space and landscape of Vic, but in the general image of the city as well that, thanks to this architectural proposal , it has won a new space for Culture.