“Reconstrucció i ampliació del Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona” dins de “Zodiac,  Rivista internazionale di Architettura, n.19”

DE SOLÀ-MORALES, Ignasi/ DILMÉ, Lluís/ FABRÉ, Xavier


ISSN: 0394-9230

Editrice Abitare Segesta S.p.a.,Milano,1998

This issue of Zodiac magazine, dedicated to architectural heritage interventions, echoes the particularly hard controversy of the last decade of the twentieth century: “How was it, where was it?” that is, what is the limit of the restoration and what is the value of the reconstruction and, therefore, what does it mean original, authentic, truthful and where the value of all this lies. All this confronts reality, the life of buildings and our monuments; their multiple vicissitudes that shape them and determine their evolutions. Zodiac 19 reaches the concretion of the controversy with very specific examples that at that time have a special interest in the debate. It includes three extensive feature articles on theatrical recoveries: The Globe Theater in London, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and the Liceu Theater in Barcelona.