Animal Health Research Center. CReSA

Campus Bellaterra UAB
Project and management
Client: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Superfície: 6.303m²

The construction of this new complex, closed to the Faculty of Veterinary of the UAB, is a reply for the needs of the researches and future users of the centre in the field of research and experimentation in animal health.

The complex is developed in two complementary buildings. In the main volume we find the animalarium where all the experimentation processes are carried out: it contains diverse individual boxes in a carefully thought circulation system that guarantees tightness of the different programmes that are simultaneously held there. This part is provided with level P3 security measures, an so, all the accesses and exits are through biological-proof security gates, with showers for people, SASH for animals and materials, an autoclave for waste materials and rigorous sub-pressure control to prevent contaminating biological leaks .

The other building, jointed with the first one trough a shared communications core outside the retaining area and located at a higher level, and so adapted to the land’s topography; it comprises the labs and the research offices and the public access to the complex.

The rigid demands regarding the situation and dimensions of the openings on the façade, gave us a new opportunity to work with the materials that had already been used since the