Arquitectura i ciutat a l’Exposició Universal de Barcelona 1888

Dirigit per Pere Hereu Payet; Xavier Fabré i Carreras, Albert García Espuche, Manual Guàrdia Bassols… [et al.]

Edicions UPC, Barcelona, 1988

On the occasion of the centenary of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona, ​​this interdisciplinary research was launched on the repercussions of that event on the social, urban and architectural evolution of our city. It analyzes the impact of the events from the chronicle and the daily life of those days but also from the influence in the thought, in the disciplines that are objects of debate and congresses and in the popular repercussion that had to have that great fair of novelties in the eyes of the citizens.

The Universal Exposition of 1888 becomes a milestone in the same urban idea of ​​the city of Barcelona that at that time strives to colonize an extension that is big and a few rounds that far from being a “ring” of avenues is a network of scars between the demolition of the walls and the perimeters to be consolidated. The research provides the data of the emptying to the first sources that had not been carried out until then.