Cultural Complex L’Escorxador in Igualada

Tender, finalist project
Client: Igualada city council
Area: 10.710m²

It was proposed an ambitious cultural program in the old slaughterhouse of Igualada city. It is a very complete program that, besides of transforming the old modernist naves in cultural spaces, it provides the new cultural complex with a music school, spaces for visual arts, rehearsal spaces, rooms for cultural associations and zones for the management of the centre. All these spaces create a great courtyard, which is a kind of green outdoor hall, that resembles two arms embracing and welcoming the visitors. At the back of the centre, the building is adapted to the natural elevation through its cubic volumes which at the distance looks like a a quarry located next to the city. This new complex for Culture supposes a heart for the artistic activity, leisure and social encounter.