Elderly people home and healthcare centre in Barcelona

Carrer Enric casanovas 71
Project and construction management
Client: GISA
Area: 1.962m²

This socio-healthcare equipment, consisting of a ground floor and three upper floors, it solves the continuity of an island of houses and it links two very different streets: a wide street, where there is a public square, and a narrow street. The facade of the building that faces at the wide street it is urban as integrates the square and the public space existing in fron of it. Here there is also the main hall of the healthcare centre, which is intended for an Elderly People Home. The back of the building, that is to say, the facade that faces to the narrow street, it is quite peculiar because the building is detached of the street level from the ground floor. The two facades conferes to the centre a civic and urban nature at the same time.