INDE, February 2006

Dilmé i Fabré organized the International Conference on Intervention in Architectural Heritage in December 2005, the “XXVIII Course” that AADIPA holds every year. That was a course in which we focused on an architectural type that presents an intense controversy while intervening because its heritage value lies not only in its physical materiality but also in its use and cultural and social service that is offering, for this reason, when thinking about theatrical intervention must follow at the table, along with architects, other professionals in technical and artistic disciplines. This special issue of INDE magazine is a compilation of the presentations and round tables held at the end of 2005.

With the title “(els) Teatres” we presented a “poster” with a strong international and above all multidisciplinary participation. We brought together professionals from the performing arts, theater directors, set designers, acoustics and artistic promoters, theater directors, restoration experts and even some visual artists, together with the architects who had recently carried out the most emblematic interventions at the world level in this type of architecture to openly and pluralistically discuss the role and meaning of theatrical heritage and with it the parameters that can help us in its recovery. Thus the presentation of the concrete actions, of the buildings and monuments objects of rehabilitation and restoration there was a strong multidisciplinary debate from all the points of view.