INDE, February 2005

Dilmé i Fabré has taken an active part in the architectural debate and especially in issues related to heritage intervention. The February 2005 issue of the Information and Debate bulletin reviews the XXVII Heritage Course that year focused on restoration techniques. The congressmen were welcomed at the then recently restored La Massa Theater in 1881, the last Catalan project by Rafael Guastavino and an essay of his prolific professional activity in the United States from that time onwards.

The recovery of this splendid plain brick structure – of Catalan vault – with the magnificent central dome marks a turning point in the look on these architectural elements and in the way to approach the restoration of the buildings where these structural elements have a special presence. The modernist architecture that dates back to the same decade of the 19th century makes exemplary use of the construction tradition of our master builders that Rafael Guastavino so well explored and synthesized.