Oriol Bohigas, passió per la ciutat.

Ajuntament de Barcelona. Institut de Cultura. Editorial Electa.

This book was published as part of the tribute to the architect in 1999, there was an exhibition, some lectures and the edition of this booklet in which the multifaceted personality of Oriol Bohigas and his impact on the cultural world, urbanism and architecture. It is a pleasant and quite complete miscellany that allows a good approach to the person, the figure and the urban culture that has developed in recent decades. One of these approaches is provided by the article: “Opinió i Polèmica” signed by Xavier Fabré which analyzes the controversial side of our protagonist as an instigator and polemicist and not only in the cultural field. The analysis shows and concludes that Oriol Bohigas is not a provocateur, he simply claims freedom of expression as a system of social progress; for Oriol Bohigas, the controversy is an intellectual exercise of a great civility, of a marked civic character.