Can Manyer Library in Vilassar de Dalt

Plaça Miquel Martí i Pol
Project and construction management
Client: Vilassar de Dalt City Council
Area: 1.850m²

This council library is located in the main room of the warehouse Can Manyer, which is an old textile plant from the nineteenth century. Therefore, our project implied to refurbish the old factory and to fit the new library in it. This supposed a double challange that included the refurbishment and the heritage restoration and the outline of the new public facility. The library is divided in two floors, where the ground floor is characterized by the structural system of pillars and “volta catalana”, and the upper floor is characterized by the rafter system that holds the pitched-roof. As it was also necessary to provide the library with some enclosed spaces, we designed several wooden structures that did not reach the main ceiling but had their own one. Overall, the entire project is very rational and respectful towards the original building.