Teatre “La Massa” de Guastavino, Vilassar de Dalt 1881-2002

Dilmé, Lluís/ Fabré, Xavier


ISBN: 84-8301-605-2

Edicions UPC, Barcelona, 2002


Following the mastery of Ignasi de Solà-Morales, when we were about to complete the rehabilitation of the La Massa Theater in Vilassar de Dalt, we did this edition dedicated to our teacher and author of the play that could not arrive to see finished. In the address we remind him “… for whom a work was only finished when the knowledge and experiences acquired during the whole process that led to its construction could be published”.

The book is therefore the textual complement to the recovery of Rafael Guastavino’s theater. In addition, the book investigates the building and the relationship between Guastavino and Vilassar and places this latest work of his in Catalonia as the link that not only allows us to understand his American activity but also the prestige that takes the factory work in the emergence of Catalan modernism, this was, in part, the starting point for the recovery of the work and the sense of the character in the history of architecture.