Bus depot in Horta

Project and construction management
Client: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
Area: 68.298m²

The bus depot project is located inside the base of the mountain and, so, the initial topography was reconstructed to accommodate a green area. Below this slab, distributed in two different levels, we find the zone aimed to bus parking, whereas the other facilities, such as the garage for repairs and the offices, are held in a separate building.
The conditions for manoeuvring and the underground location of the parking gave as a result a concrete structure with non-conventional measures: lights of 14 m, diameters of pillars from 90 to 150 cm, 1.20 m – wide slabs and an isolated pillar with a load of 7300 tons, which bears a roof of 950 m2.
The facilities render service to a fleet of 256 standard buses and 54 articulated buses, whose entrance and exit involved a modification to connect them with the Rondes, creating an open-air access halfway. In addition to the development of the project from the very beginning and the direction of the work we coordinated and directed the technical staff that intervened in structural aspects, installations and road accesses.