Four subway stations in Zona Franca

Carrer A
Executive project
Client: GISA
Area: 19.344m²

On the basis of the work performed in the first outline of the viaduct, stations and workshop, the executive project that solved the establishment of four passenger stations of the new underground line (the so-called L9) was developed in 2008; this line was finally going to run on elevated tracks over the Carrer A in the Zona Franca area. The stations (Zal, Port, Litoral and New depot) are organized in three levels: at street level, where arrivals take place; at a higher level, one finds the waiting areas and the platforms to get to the Metro. Other resources and complementary services will be located on the second floor by creating a reduced volume. Visually, light materials, such as steel and glass, have been conceived for the whole complex in addition to a deliberated use of lighting. Reflections, transparencies, the slenderness of supports and the unprecedented treatment of certain light sources give the effect of a construction that looks by no means massive and that has a very little impact on visual continuity at street level.