Workshop and depot of Línia 9 subway

Final del Carrer A
Project and construction management
Client: GISA
Area: 37.520m²

The plan of action takes into consideration the establishment of the service facilities for the Metro Line 9, consisting of garages for maintenance and repairs and other complementary services for use of the personnel of the company. Besides, it takes advantage of the end of the line in this zone as it also comprises an under-cover depot. The garage is based at the end of the A Street in Zona Franca and it uses the space between the railway lines serving the port and the situation of the roads, to the southeast. Its façade has been orientated according to this space. The garage is organised in two levels, reaching an inside maximum height of 18m, including the roof skylights. The average width of the building is only about 28m, while the 625m-long façade can presumably be the longest in Barcelona. The trains’ access takes place at the higher level, which is the same of the Line 9 platforms. On this floor, we can find the garage itself, the offices, the changing rooms, other services of FMB and a parking area for up to 100 cars. The spaces filling or emptying the façade grant a cadence to the building that makes it look as if it had been designed in a human scale. The roof has been planned with skylights describing the forms of a saw edge, with curved spaces incorporated to the structure but not manifesting themselves on the façade.